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Thread: 30 repeat limit

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    Default 30 repeat limit

    hey im new in the forum. thanks for the great app! is this possible to have unlimited repeats instead of the 30?
    greets and keep up the good work!

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    Yes, the player feature currently can be set to repeat a chart up to 30 times.
    As a work around, depending on the complexity of the chart, you could try adding repeat brackets at the start and end with a text instruction:
    like 8x (available in the text menu) which, for example, would repeat the form 8 times for each player repeat = 240 repeats.
    I think higher numbers can be used, but I haven't tested that.

    For continuous repeating play, try the LOOP - function.
    Highlight the measures you want to loop (even the whole chart) and start the loop playing 🔁.


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    the looping function is amazing!!

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    Default why is it limited to 30 repeats?

    should be an infinite loop option

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