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Thread: Instruments in styles

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    Default backing tracks

    Add 2 to 4 backing (midi)tracks for playing song specific bass, horns, and keyboard parts etc....for metronome practice and composing...something like the old Yamaha qy sequencer series used to do..but better!!……would make iReal even more invaluable
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    I agree with this:
    I would like to have all instruments available in all styles

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    I would like to add my Thumbs Up for having all instruments in all styles. For instance I love doing some practice on music with the recently deceased Lyle Mays...But here PADS would be great because he used those a lot to support Methenys songs... Maybe a preferences tab that could let you "create" sets of instruments? Very cool programme. I just bought it for Mac as well!

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    Default Country Swing

    Hello all!
    If this feature is here already, I apologize. But I'm wondering if it's possible to use the "pop country" style instruments with a swing feel? I would love to be able to adjust the swing setting on all of the styles too. Thanks!

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    Yes, having a swing fader where we could adjust the amount of swing (of the 2nd and 4th eighth notes (or sixteenth notes for half time grooves) would be great. It could be very useful for reggae, R&B, swing and some other styles as well

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    I agree Guitar, requinto, vihuela, mandolin sounds would make it much richer,
    P.s. adding a new composition, made on Latin guitar harmonies and solo nylon requinto strings no pick needed, after that I created the harmony, rhytms styles with bass on irealpro, Latin jazz (Mambo swing) in my opinion created with New Orleans styles offered for sharings YouTube link


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