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Thread: Guitar with capo

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    Default Guitar with capo

    Occasionally we want to play a song in a different key, and when the new key is a bit higher it is easy for me since I just put a capo on my guitar.

    However, for practising, I need iRP to take the capo into account when producing the sound. For example, when the capo is on the 2nd fret, I want to see a C but hear a D.

    Am I overlooking a trivial way to make iRP do this?

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    Chromatic global transpose is not currently available in iReal Pro.
    It would be useful for capo users if they could designate a capo fret setting (1-11) for individual songs.
    ie. capo-2, play G = key of A

    There's currently no easy/convenient work-around.

    Two devices, one to display the transposed chart, one to play.
    On devices that can multi-task, you could take a screenshot of the chart transposed to your capo-key, then reset to concert-key, start play, view the screen-shot.
    The moving playback position indicator won't happen on the chart you read.
    Edit the chart adding alternate small chords (transposed to your capo setting) one by one.
    Read/play the alternate (small) chords with the capo as the chart plays in concert key.
    (Playback position works)
    Using Global transpose setting: (for example) (it's complicated)
    If the chart's concert key is C
    set global transpose to F = capo 5 (up 2 and a half steps)
    The chart reads G , you play G (capo 5) the player plays in concert C.

    Currently available global transpose options: (did I mention it's complicated...)
    Bb - plays up 5 steps from displayed chords (or down one whole step)
    (capo 10 and play displayed chords relative to the capo as though it was the nut -1st position)

    Eb - plays up a minor third (step and a half) from displayed chords (or down 4 and a half)
    (capo 3 and play displayed chords)

    F - plays up 2 and a half steps from displayed chords (or down 3 and a half)
    (capo 5 and play displayed chords)

    G - plays up 3 and a half steps from displayed chords (or down 2 and a half)
    (capo 7 and play displayed chords)

    To hear D and play/read a capo, your current global transpose options are:
    Set Global transpose to:
    Bb - Capo 10, read/play E
    Eb - capo 3, read/play B
    F - capo 5, read/play A
    G - capo 7, read/play G

    It doesn't appear the available Global transpose options offer a hear D, read C option.
    Remember to reset Global transpose to C when done.

    Final option:
    Learn to read/play using Nashville Number charts...

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    Thanks for your extensive answer. Many of the alternatives I've already tried, and they don't make me happy.

    From an implementation POV I think this is a minor issue. It is not even necessary (although it would be convenient) to store the capo setting in the song file (this would require and extension of the current file format, with possible backward compatibility issues).

    So I'd strongly appreciate adding this feature to iRealPro.
    May I invite all other guitar players to support this request?

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    Default Using a capo

    Hi, how can I play hotel California in Bminor with the backing track, but with a call on 7th fret, starting in Em shape, with the chord diagrams in Em etc.
    And are there any tips or tutorials on transposing with a capo.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Currently, the best answer(s) are in a previous post in this thread

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