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Thread: Help with chord symbols

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    Default Help with chord symbols

    I need some help understanding the chord symbols.

    e.g. F#o7

    e.g. F(triangle sign) 7

    also do not know how to enter those in a chord sheet

    please help
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    Read this:

    Those chord symbols can be entered using buttons in the editor or the whole iRp compatible chord quality (that's all the stuff after the chord letter) can be selected from a list you can display in the editor. Read everything that's behind the question mark "?" At the top of the editor page for detailed instructions.

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    Hi bettyboop. The "o" symbol means Dimished. The "triangle symbols means Major seventh.
    Dimished chord formula is:
    I-b3-b5. (Cdim or Co is C-Eb-Gb)
    Major seventh formula:
    Its a Major chord plus another Major third
    1-3-5-7 (C-E-G-B)


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