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    Default User tag field

    It would be helpful if there were a searchable "tag" field on each chart other than just the title.
    A way for users to attach multiple user-tags or keywords to individual songs in the index would be very useful.

    The tags for a song might be entered (and displayed) ONLY in the song editor, perhaps as a second (hidden) line in the title field. The tag/keyword line would not display on the chart in song view, but still might be searchable using the current song index (title) search field.

    Without needing to maintain many separate playlists, a user could instantly, using the index search, bring-up all charts they've tagged as Sinatra, Cole, Como, Beatles, wedding, holiday, 1940's, a vocalist(s) or band(s) they perform with, or any other keyword(s) they chose to attach...*

    Currently, users append personal notes in the title which is quite cumbersome.

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    Default Tags - would love to be able to sort by tags


    If I was able to tag songs and sort by them I could arrange my playlists better. For example, if I have a playable now and learning tag, I could then create playlists from those tags. I use a Macbook Pro and don't always have a large external monitor to scroll down various lists.

    Let me know if you need additional explanations.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I could certainly use this. I'd like to check-off which songs in a playlist I have memorized, or which ones I'm working on.
    I could make yet another playlist, but a tag would help.

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    Default New field in song info for notes

    A new “Notes” field in the info section of a song could contain terms like the style (examples: Blues, Upbeat, Bebop, GAS, etc), or what set lists the song belongs to, which band or musicians I play that particular tune with, etc.

    The notes in the field would have to be searchable.

    This way when I’m playing a gig, a list of songs could show up in a search for, say, “Upbeat Blues”, or “GAS Ballad”, or “Wedding Ballad”, or “Blues with Fred”, etc, without the tedious process of creating separate set lists and adding the songs multiple times to each set list. I would only need to go into the info section of the tune once and add the song to many categories in one fell swoop instead of the tedious process of adding the song to many different set lists many times over.

    For example, take the song “Darn That Dream”.
    In the Info - Notes section I could add Something like “Great American Songbook, ballad, weddings, vocalist Sally, player Fred, audience XYZ, Client ABC”.
    It would be a very flexible and easy to implement way to generate my own database of tunes based on my own unique categories.
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    This is a very good idea, but keep in mind that this kind of search can slow down the process a lot!


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