I want to learn "Strangers in the night" from the http://www.angelfire.com/fl4/moneychords/ggb1.pdf
Great gig book p.557
but have a few question about the chords used.
Can anyone check and correct these used chords?

F = F-A-C (triad)
Ab0 = Ab-B-D (triad)
G-7 = G-Bb-D-F#
C7 = C-E-G-B
F7 = F-A-C-E
A-7b5 = A-C-Eb-G
D7b9 = D-F#-A-C-Eb
Bb-6 = Bb-Db-F-G
D-7 = D-F-A-C
C7sus4 = C-F-G-Bb

Many thanks, Johan