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Thread: Wild Is The Wind - D. Tiomkin

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    Default Wild Is The Wind - D. Tiomkin

    Wild Is The Wind 1 by D. Tiomkin

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    Default Wild Is The Wind - D. Tiomkin

    Wild Is The Wind 1 by D. Tiomkin

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    These chords are nothing like those on the sheet music as used by Nina Simone, David Bowie, etc. They are very much better, and work well with the melody! From where or who do they originate?

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    A lead sheet for this song can be found in the Jazz of the 50s fake book by Hal Leonard. The chord changes in both the Simone and Bowie performances are very different from the original changes in the published lead sheet. The chord changes in the 2011 posts are also different from those in the lead sheet but are derived from it: they are more sophisticated and were clearly written by a jazz musician. I agree that they are much better than those in either the Simone or Bowie performances. In addition, both Simone and Bowie significantly deviated from the original melody, and not for the better.

    I'd also like to mention that "Wild is the Wind" was a 1957 hit by Johnny Mathis. The chords and melody used in his performance, which can be found on Youtube, are much like those in the sheet music, but are not exactly the same.
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    I worked up my own set of changes for it.

    Wild Is the Wind-Rev JE - D. Tiomkin

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