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Thread: Roman numeral option?

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    Default Why not include the option to display the changes as ROMAN letters instead of latin

    This request has been asked a couple of times for, since the very beginnings... It can only be a small change in the code, would only take a couple of minutes to do that... and it would be so much better to view the changes in the "number notation" not as

    |1-7 77 |b7-7 67|

    but as

    |I-7 VII7 |bVII-7 VI7|

    wouldn't it?

    My warmest regards and thanks.
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    Automatic number systems can only work with simple diatonic tunes in IRP because only one key can be set for the entire tune. So forget about modulations and key changes. That wouldn't make any sense to have numbers when a tune modulates from the key of C to the key of F for example

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