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Thread: Bulk image/pdf export for playlists

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    Default Bulk image/pdf export for playlists

    This topic has been around for a while in the forum, but so far nothing has been done about it. So I guess either it's too complicated to implement or there are not enough users requesting this feature.
    Electronic devices can fail anytime for any possible reasons. I really don't like to rely on it for important gigs.
    This is the main reason why I would really appreciate to have the possibility to have a paper printed music backup just in case s**t happens with my device (at least for gigs that have lots a new songs). Exporting a chart one by one is not an option. Doing so for 30+ songs playlists just take too much time.
    If I could export an entire playlist with one single tap, that would be awesome. Could be either image or pdf format. Multi-page pdf would be the best choice, but if it's too complicated to implement , image format is also fine.

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    Default Download all songs in a playlist as images or pdf


    Is it possible to share/download all the songs in a play list?(in one go) As Images or PDFs. I can't find this option anywhere

    Thank you
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    Not directly.
    You can export the playlist and use an external tool like irealcvt ( to produce a multi-page PDF from the playlist.

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    Hi Scirius

    I'd also be interested in knowing how to do the batch export. Would you mind explaining how to use irealcvt? I've looked at the link and downloaded Data-irealpro-1.03.tar.gz on my PC but I have no idea how to open the file and use it.
    Thanks very much for any help you could give.

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