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Thread: How To Search For Or Request A Song Chart

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    Default How To Search For Or Request A Song Chart

    First, always try the search function: (title or just keywords)
    Also try composer or band name.
    Magnifying glass icon at the top-right of this page.

    Sometimes composer names aren't accurately included on charts. (They should be)
    Searching for keywords in titles or band names can yield results.

    Google and Wikipedia can help you in choosing terms to use in the Forums-search.
    You can also make sure the "title" is correct. Sometimes the actual song title isn’t what you've always called it.

    Also check spelling...

    If your search is unable to locate an already posted chart, then...

    Don't use a visitor message or PM to ask for charts, they only go to one person and aren't searchable by volunteer chart posters.

    You may post your song requests as a NEW thread, ONE AT A the most appropriate SONG forum.

    Correctly format your request.
    To ensure your post won’t be deleted, make certain ALL the required information is included and the specified format (described below) is followed.

    Be sure to TITLE your request: "Song Title - composer name (Request)”
    "(Request)" in the thread title is important. That's how helpful members will find your post.

    Always include the composer name(s) since there are many songs with the same or similar titles.
    Use google to learn composer names.

    Include additional information: Band name, as performed by, from "album" etc in the body of your post.

    Since charts are provided by volunteer members*, always remember to include a YouTube link to the song/version you seek. (not spotify)

    Members can search the forums for "request" to easily locate pending requests.

    If you aren’t sure how to correctly post a song request, try a forums search for "request" to see how others have done it.

    When a chart is posted in response to your request, "(Request)” will be removed from the thread title and the thread will become the discussion thread for that song. Additional versions, corrections, reharms etc. can be added to that thread.
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    Default Requesting charts

    In case the previous post wasn't clear......

    Search before you post

    Many folks ask for charts without first doing a search.

    If you access the forums through your browser, there is indeed a magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the forums' page, if you get to the forum from within your app it's at the top Right of the forums sidebar.

    Ok, you've searched and your tune isn't posted (yet).

    Correctly format your post

    Unless you format your request correctly, you are wasting your time and your post may be deleted.

    Just posting the song title isn't enough. The only people who will see your post are also looking for that tune.


    Many tunes have similar titles, that's why the COMPOSER'S name is required as well.
    If you don't know who wrote the song, LOOK IT UP. Hey, you are on the Internet....

    The word (Request) must also be in the thread title.
    That's how our helpful volunteers will find your’s and other pending chart requests.

    Post in the right place

    You may post your song requests as a NEW thread, ONE AT A the most appropriate SONG forum.
    Think: if you were sharing a chart for that song instead of requesting the song,
    in which song Forum would it make the most sense to post that song?
    Jazz — Latin — Pop — Country — Other
    Post your request there.

    The (Request) thread will eventually become the discussion thread for additional charts/versions of that song.

    Use the correct thread title format:

    .....................Song Title - Composer Name (Request)

    Include any other information in the body of your post

    If you are hoping that someone with "good" ears will take their time to write out and post a chart as a favor for you, you'll want to make it as easy for them as possible, so include a YouTube* link so that they can EASILY listen to it. (...and think, that's a cool tune, I could write out a chart for it.)
    *not Spotify.

    The more complete your request is and the easier you make it for folks, the more likely someone will help you.

    When someone posts a chart in response to your request, please be sure to thank them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chromefree View Post
    HI Bob,

    I’ve posted several requests for charts which keep being rejected. I’ve read the rules and regs and still do not understand why my posts are taken down. Can you help me out here? How about pointing me to a model request post?

    Thank you,
    Hi Pete

    Sure, just search the forums for the word: (Request)

    Correct thread title = song title - composer name(s) (Request) ....nothing else..... ✔️
    Post in the correct SONG Forum ✔️
    Include a YouTube link ✔️
    Search well before posting requests.✔️

    Optional: Add any additional info in the body of your post (performer, band name, version, album etc.)

    CAREFULLY and completely follow these instructions

    Otherwise, you are wasting your time, our time and space in the forums

    Song requests that are posted in the wrong place, are incomplete or incorrectly formatted may be deleted.

    When someone posts a chart in response to your request, please be sure to thank them.

    It's easy!


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