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Thread: How To Search For Or Request A Song Chart

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    Default How To Search For Or Request A Song Chart

    First, always try the search function: (title or just keywords)
    Also try composer or band name.
    Magnifying glass icon at the top-right of this page.

    Sometimes composer names aren't accurately included on charts. (They should be)
    Searching for keywords in titles or band names can yield results.

    Google and Wikipedia can help you in choosing terms to use in the Forums-search.

    Also check spelling...

    If your search is unable to locate an already posted chart, then...

    Don't use a visitor message or PM to ask for charts, they only go to one person and aren't searchable by volunteer chart posters.

    You may post your song requests ONE AT A the most appropriate SONG forum.

    Be sure to TITLE your request: "Song Title - composer name (Request)”
    "(Request)" in the thread title is important. That's how helpful members will find your post.

    Always include the composer name(s) since there are many songs with the same or similar titles.
    Use google to learn composer names.

    Include additional information: Band name, as performed by, from "album" etc in the body of your post.

    Since charts are provided by volunteer members*, it can be really helpful to include a YouTube link to the song/version you seek. (not spotify)

    Members can search the forums for "request" to easily locate pending requests.

    When a chart is posted in response to your request, "(Request)” will be removed from the thread title and the thread will become the discussion thread for that song. Additional versions, corrections, reharms etc. can be added to that thread.
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