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Thread: Jalousie Tango Tzigane - Jacob Gade

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    Default Jalousie Tango Tzigane - Jacob Gade

    Hello! This song was written in 1925, and is a fantastic tango. I tried searching under its original title, as well as Just “Jealousy” and Jealousy Gypsy Tango - if someone has the background sheet, I would be most grateful. Here is a link to an accordion performance which I can play but I would love the background for it. Thank you, Angela
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    Be sure to carefully follow these instructions

    This song has been performed/recorded under a number of different titles and spellings.

    Jalousie Tango - Jacob Gade

    I had some help transcribing from the last image on this page (scroll down)
    (Warning! Do not click on the’ve been warned!)



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