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    ALL of the charts available on the forums have been posted by forum members.

    EVERY chart here was entered one chord at a time using the iReal pro editor. (included in the app)

    The reason there's a chart available for a title is that some member took the time to write it out and then share it on the forums.

    We're all in this together.

    Please take a minute, do a quick forum search, it's the magnifying-glass icon at the top-right of most any forums page.

    Search: " (REQUEST) ".

    Helpful info about requesting songs:

    Sometimes, an attempt to share a song wasn't performed correctly and the unsuccessful poster (apparently) gives up.
    You can locate these failed posting attempts.

    Search: " (FAIL) "

    If you have or could write a chart for any of the requested or failed songs, please post it as a reply to the thread requesting it (or containing the failed attempt). As charts are posted, "(request)" or "(fail)” in the thread's title will be removed and it will become the discussion thread for that song.

    If you need help with a chart in-progress, go ahead and post it (as above) and describe the issue. Perhaps other members can help.

    When you write and post charts please pay attention to the "look" of other posts in the forums.

    Presenting a consistent format and style is important. It improves the user experience and reduces confusion when attempting to convey information.

    The iReal pro forums has (for the most part) developed and maintains a consistent look and feel despite of thousands of different contributors. To accomplish that requires everyone's cooperation.

    Thank you for sharing your charts.
    We're all in this together.


    Have you seen this?!!!!!!
    It goes by quickly so try stepping through the video using pause, play, pause, play...
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