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Thread: no STORE Style Packs visible on iPad Pro iOS9.2, version 6.3.1

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    Post no STORE Style Packs visible on iPad Pro iOS9.2, version 6.3.1

    I may have missed something, since some things have moved around in the app since version 5.1 (the version I was using on my previous iPad) but I don't see a "store" panel / section anywhere - the "Settings" gear icon now is specifically for Chord Chart visibility settings , and the "more" section drop down shows

    General Settings

    but no store section visible in this section of the app on my device. I own the following in app purchases:

    Jazz Styles Pack
    Latin Styles Pack
    Pop Styles Pack
    Chord Scales

    Should I be seeing a Store section somewhere? I understood there were some newer style packs available for the newer iOS.

    Thanks for shedding any light on this if this is working as designed, and I'm just missing something, or in advance for fixing this for iPad Pro.

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    In iReal Pro version 6 and higher, the app currently includes all available playback styles so there are no in-apps to purchase.
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