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Thread: Gypsy Styles Improvement

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    Unhappy Gypsy Styles Improvement

    Gypsy Bossa style sounds like Gypsy Swing style however it's a special Gypsy style, different from Brazilian Bossa.
    Two others Gypsy styles are missing : Gypsy Bolero and Gypsy Ballad !!
    It would be great to have these 3 essential (correct) styles for Gypsy guitar players.
    Thanks for reading

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    I understand your concern about music styles. I also wish that more styles and substyles could be available in iReal.
    There are a bunch of Latin, reggae, R&B, pop, rock sub styles also missing or incomplete.
    It can be a real challenge for the developers to satisfy everyone!
    I think that creating and improving basic styles that can work over a bunch of other styles is the way to go. Maybe also adding a few options to double the tempo, measures, to choose between arpeggios, strumming, pads, short/long chords, moving accents and pushes, etc, would give more choices to the users.

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    Thank you for your answer.
    I know very well that the change list for an ideal product is infinite.
    I'm just trying to bring my stone to the edifice.
    Insofar as the Gypsy style is available (for finance), I allowed you to report these small gaps and the uselessness of the Gypsy Bossa sub-style since it is identical to the Gypsy Swing sub-style.
    I am not in a hurry.
    Good luck to developers.

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