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Thread: Can't open or view charts

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    Default Can't open or view charts

    Well, this is great, but it seems to be no help at all -- where do I find the songs so I can download them???? Sorry to be dense here, but "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" is listed more than once, and yet I've been spending the last couple of hours trying to actually load it so i could use it. I guess I don't understand searches -- the primary listing from the google advanced search is a blank page. Another listing there takes me to this page, which assures me that the song exists. But how do I actually get to the SONG?

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    In order to view iReal pro charts, use iReal pro app MUST be installed on the device you are using.

    All the charts can be easily downloaded using the iReal pro app. (which is required)
    It's only available for Mac, iOS and android devices.

    If you're using Windows.... you could try an using android emulator like Bluestacks so you could install and use the android iReal pro app on your PC.

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    When i click on a song it only displays a blank page. What am i doing wrong?
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    non of them are opening ! why is that so ?
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