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Thread: Chord type request

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    These are interesting thoughts.
    However, I don't think that add-ons pack idea would actually work. Because of compatibility reason, I don't see how users using iReal without add-ons could open (import) charts from users that have advanced chords types charts that have been edited through add-ons.
    The major strength of iReal is that any charts can be easily shared through different devices, OS, platform without worrying if the chart will display correctly in other users devices.
    It's important to keep it compatible.
    Each time I need to import/export/download or share a chart, I don't feel like asking if they have the necessary add-on installed to open the file.
    If some advanced chord types are added in iReal, they should be available to all users and to any devices, imho.

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    Allowing the user to input the exact notes and order of voicing would resolve that issue of custom chords. And allow the user to name the harmony what ever they want. You could have Xdem7 meaning X demolished 7th and put in any notes you want.

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    I like the idea of having the ability to enter in custom chords and I think it's technically possible. Check out the app My Piano Assistant on Google Play Store (sorry if it's against the rules to mention other apps here). The way Alex (developer) implemented the custom chords feature is by allowing the user to provide a formula (ex. 1 b3 (5) 6 9) to the chord and having some validation rules around it.

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