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    Default Transposing?

    I downloaded the "Brazilian" set to my iPhone. I've tried changing a few of the tunes I do frequently to different tempos, different numbers of choruses, etc. I noticed that "Triste" is in the key of 'A', and everyone I work with does it in "Bb"...So, I did the following:

    Edit | Info | Key Signature | Bb Major | 'Set and Transpose' | Done | Done | Save

    No matter what I do, it doesn't change the key to Bb...

    (I tried the same process on "Favela", and it worked fine... So, is there something different about "Triste" that it won't let me change the key?)


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    When you click on the song, the key signature is shown on the top right corner. What happens when you click on it and change the key?
    I tried it and it works fine.

    Let me know how it works for you.


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    I tried transposing in both ways (yours and Niki's) and works fine.
    Have you tried transposing in other keys?
    Try editing a COPY and see what happens.
    Try changing the key with top-right button first, then go into edit and make the change there.
    Change Global Transposition, then edit-change the key and see what happens.

    The last two are just stupid suggestions that have nothing to do with changing the basic key of a song, but technical appliances sometime need to be "fooled"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyJazzer View Post
    No matter what I do, it doesn't change the key to Bb...
    You will need to check that the song's key is in accordance with the chords before you try "Set and Transpose" as you have been playing around with this for a while now.
    Song Edit>Info>Key sig... the song's chords might still show in the key of A, so change the key in the pickers (tumblers) to the same key they are in (presumably the key of A.) Then tap the Set key.
    Then you should be able to change the key to Bb, by changing the key in the pickers again but this time tapping Set and Transpose, Done, Done, Save.

    I am thinking previously you might have changed the key to Bb and tapped Set. In this case the Set and Transpose will not work as it thinks it is already in Bb (the song's key, not the chords.)
    By resetting the song's key to the chords key first (using Set) you should be able to transpose successfully (to any key desired for the default key.)
    It can get very confusing otherwise.


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