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Thread: Four On Six - Wes Montgomery

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    Default Four On Six - Wes Montgomery

    Four On Six 1 by Wes Montgomery

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    Default Four on six - Wes Montgomery

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    Default Four On Six (theme-solo) - Wes Montgomery

    Four On Six (theme-solo) - Wes Montgomery
    This chart includes the theme part, the solo part and the theme followed by the ending solo part.
    It's taken from the great Smokin' At The Half Note album with Wynton Kelly Trio, on Sep 22, 1965.

    Four On Six (theme-solo) - Wes Montgomery

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    Angry Help needed to make this follow Real book chart

    Okay, this is "Four on Six", as shown in Real Book 1 page 162 (in the original issue)
    The first 12 measures are "bass" in RB chart
    My section A is the melody (next 12 mm)
    My section B is the solo section (16 mm)

    How can I (or can I?) get it to play my section B any selected number of times before going back to section A just once through as a coda?
    Right now it keeps repeating A thru B the same number of times as selected in bottom menu

    Four On Six - Wes Montgomery
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    Using this trick: (thanks Jer)

    The intro and Head-in play once.
    The solo section (re-labeled A) repeats are set in the player (currently 8x)
    The Head-out is the coda and will play once at the end.

    To increase available space, I shortened and combined the first two systems of the bass intro into a single system.

    Four On Six 2 - Wes Montgomery

    By using the 13th system trick I could leave the bass intro as two systems

    Four On Six 3 - Wes Montgomery

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    Ah Hah! I suspected it had to be something like that, but it didn't occur to me to make the Head-in part of the intro so it wouldn't repeat—very cool.
    Thanks so much, or as my old Mum used to say "Bless your little cotton socks!"

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    Four On Six - Wes Montgomery
    The real book chart is incorrect. There are no 12 bar sections. It's all 16 bar sections...I couldn't get the DS or DC to work so I wrote it all out. I think the solo section can be repeated 8 times. Listen to Wes on You Tube for the correct version.

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    My bad! when I said 12 measures, I was counting the 3rd line of each section as measures 9 thru 12. I was referring to the way it was laid out on the page as opposed to the way it comes out in performance. Either I won't do that again or I'll be more specific …

    In my version of the Real Book, the section labeled "Solos" is 16 measures—it just looks odd because they were trying to save starting a second page, so put 8 measures on the first line (note the 4 in parentheses under the G-7 chord symbol)

    Good point though, it could lead to a train wreck if you were reading it down for the first time, especially in bad light—we've all been there. My pet peeve is lead sheets with unequal #'s of measures per line. I used to copy parts at a recording studio, and one producer said "Remember, paper is cheap, studio players' time is not!"
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    Default Here is a complete form of four on six

    Four On Six (the whole form) - Wes Montgomery
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    Four On Six - Wes Montgomery


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