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Thread: One for My Baby - Harold Arlen

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    Default One for My Baby - Harold Arlen

    I patterns in much music from bebop on.

    This reharm tries to accommodate more of that feeling than is found in Arlen's original version of the tune.

    One For My Baby Rev - Harold Arlen


    P.S.: I edited this twice for errors. Sorry.

    EDIT 01/29/20: I don't know what happened to the beginning of this post. I just noticed that it's missing. Duh.
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    I at first set out just to transcribe the Sher Music changes for One For My Baby, then noticed that there was no ii - V7 tag at the end to get back to Eb (A section) from the key of G (C section). I think the changes, particularly in the C section, sound more distinctive. I also placed the second ending directly under the first to make it easier to read.

    Many thanks to whomever did the original chart; very nice job with a challenging tune.

    One For My Baby - SM - Harold Arlen
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