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Thread: Thread Display Mode (setting) Newest or Oldest posts first

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    Default Thread Display Mode (setting) Newest or Oldest posts first

    Thread Display Mode (setting)

    Many users prefer to display Forum threads (topics/conversations) with the most recent (newest) posts at the top of the list instead of added at the bottom.

    Here's how:
    Go to the forums in your browser and sign-in. (You must be registered)

    At the very top-right of the page select SETTINGS.

    On the LEFT side of the settings page, in the "My Settings" menu,
    scroll down to "My Account" > General Settings.

    On your General Settings Page, scroll down to the

    From the drop-down menu, select:
    Linear - Newest First

    You're not done yet......

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "SAVE CHANGES"

    NOTE: This change will reverse the display order and move the initial post in each thread (which may be the one with the main playlist...) to the bottom of the (now) last page in a long thread.
    You can easily access it by selecting "Last⏩" from the row of page numbers at the top and bottom of each page (of a multi-page thread).

    You can reverse this setting by reselecting "Linear - Oldest First”
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