Several things: I'd like to substitute the Jazz Minor scale on Dominant 7 chords. I'm also working on the substitute penta-tonic system that Lennie Tristano employs in "LineUp," which seems to be a Lydian Chromatic concept. It would also be very helpful to hear the scales played against the chord at a very slow tempo which would equate to 16 quarter notes per measure. This is an approach to the Lazanov accelerated learning technique of breathing in 4 seconds, holding the breath(while the chord and scale are played) 4 seconds and repeating the same with the exhalation and hold. You'd breath in on the tick off, hold for the chord, breathe out on the 2nd beat, hold for the chord and scale on the 3rd beat and then breathe in to get ready for the next measure.
Also colors of scale tones would be nice as shown at
The color wheel theory of the circle of fifths is a visual way of understanding relationships between notes, chords and helps with interval recogigniton and absolute pitch.