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Thread: Halloween songs

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    Unhappy Halloween songs

    Please post other charts, suggestions and requests.

    Halloween (20)

    Individual songs:
    Bewitched - Richard Rodgers
    Black Magic Woman - Gpysy Queen Pt. 2 (Santana Version) - Gabor Szabo
    Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen Pt. 1 (Santana Version) - Peter Green
    Blackmagic Woman C - Santana
    Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - Harold Arlen
    Fear (Db-) - Harry Lubin
    Fear (G-) - Harry Lubin
    Ghostbusters - Unknown Composer
    I Put A Spell On You (Film Version) - Hocus Pocus
    Monster Mash (G) - Bobby Pickett, Leonard L. Capizzi
    Monster Mash (G) 1 - Bobby Pickett, Leonard L. Capizzi
    Munsters' Theme (E-), The - Jack Marshall
    Spooky (F-) - Sharpe-Middlebrooks
    Superstition 1 - Stevie Wonder
    That Old Black Magic - Harold Arlen
    Thriller - Rod Temperton
    Thriller - Rod Temperton
    Time Warp - Richard O'Brien
    Witch Hunt - Wayne Shorter
    Witchcraft - Cy Coleman
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    Default The Munsters' Theme (original 1964 version)

    Munsters' Theme (E-), The

    Settings: Pop > Rock; Tempo = 138; Times [1]

    Notes: There's no chord symbol for that scary E- "5 with b5" lick, so just use your ears. And I split off the Coda, in case some brave soul wants to take a solo Happy Halloween!
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    Default Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett)

    Monster Mash (G) with stops & vocal cues

    Settings: Pop > Rock; Tempo = 134; Times [1]

    Happy Halloween

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    Default Fear (theme from "One Step Beyond") 2 versions: original & The Ventures

    Fear (G-) Harry Lubin orchestral version (in case you own a Theremin)
    Settings: Jazz > Ballad Even; Tempo ~ 72; Times [1]

    Fear (Db-) from "The Ventures In Space" c. 1964
    Settings: Latin > Cuba Bolero; Tempo: 92

    Happy Halloween

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    Default Happy Halloween - Thriller / Rod Temperton

    Thriller - Rod Temperton

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    Cool Halloween Jazz & Blues?

    Hello all. I'm brand new here. I created an account just to write this thread!

    I want some feedback on Halloween-esque jazz & blues songs for a gig I'm doing next week. I've thought of a few, but wanted to poke the collective consciousness for more. So far I've got:

    Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered
    That Old Black Magic
    I Put A Spell On You
    Voodoo Woman
    Witchcraft in the Air -- haven't found a chart for this yet
    Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
    Season Of The Witch
    Black Magic Woman

    What should I add?

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    Spooky (F-) - Sharpe-Middlebrooks

    Originally composed as an instrumental, plus the lyrics do refer to Halloween.
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    Playlist in post #1 updated to include preceding posted charts.

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    Default Great Pumpkin Waltz - Vince Guaraldi

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    Ghost Riders In The Sky - As played by The Spotnicks


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