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    Sooo the best practice for now to make the player play alternate chords is to duplicate the chart and edit it and swap alt and regular. and just have a whole alt version and export the audio and splice it with an audio editor. Painful. Any ETA on this feature, the most brain dead thing to do would be play regular chords on odd reps and alt chords on even reps. Also a button that swaps alt and regular would at least make the editing very easy. If there's no alt it does nothing.

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    I support the idea of having the ability to simply swap Main and Alternate chords. This would give us a simpler way of trying alternatives!

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    Default Alternate chords

    I know that others have asked for the ability for alternates, that is parenthetical chords, and I want to basically +1 that request.

    I've thought about how to simplify the interface, basically you'd only need to add 1 new button with: ()

    Users would only need to select the chord(s) then tap ().

    Then the back-end programming would look something like:

    if the parenthetical is right before a close repeat symbol or 1st ending
      then play 2nd time only
    else if the parenthetical is the last chord(s) of the chart
      then play every time except the last time
    else [the parenthetical appears anywhere else] randomly include or not* upon compiling

    Even better would be to make the third instance type configurable:
    Non-repeat alternates:
    Select one
    Always play
    Never play
    Randomly play

    Just my 2 (and plea for consideration).
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