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Thread: Chansons Françaises - French Songs

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    "I Wish You Love" is an English remake of a 1943 French song "Que reste-t-il de nos amours" by Léo Chauliac and Charles Trenet. It was introduced by Keely Smith in 1957 with a Billy May arrangement in American rhumba style and was a hit for Gloria Lynne in 1964; both performances can be found on Youtube as well as a swing performance by Nancy Wilson (also with a Billy May arrangement) from 1960. There are lots of other performances as well.

    When sung, the AABA 32-bar form is "always" preceded by a 16-bar verse sung ad lib. This presents a problem for iReal Pro users when the the verse and refrain are included in a chord chart. There is, in fact, a chord chart for this tune on the forum that includes both. However, I find this chart hard to use because it is both difficult and unreliable for me to try to start a chord chart somewhere in the middle on my iPad Mini (I also have trouble with selecting bars in edit mode, so maybe it's me or the iPad). Thus, I have re-edited this chord chart to exclude the verse and have presented it below. I have also made some edits to the chord changes and added a tag ending.

    I hope you enjoy performing this tune that was so popular in the 1960s. It is too lovely to be forgotten. I perform this tune with the Latin - Cuba: Bolero style at 90 bpm.

    I Wish You Love (no verse) - Trenet and Chauliac

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    La marche nuptiale - Georges Brassens

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    Default Georges Brassens (French)

    Some tune from Brassens with jazzy chords.
    Je me suis fait tout petit - Georges Brassens

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    Au Bois De Mon Coeur - Georges Brassens

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    Renaud (28)

    Individual songs:
    2ème Génération - Renaud Séchan
    Adieu minette - Renaud
    Banlieue rouge - Renaud Sechan
    Chanson pour Pierrot - Renaud Sechan
    Dans la tire à Dédé - Renaud Sechan
    Dès que le vent soufflera - Renaud Séchan
    Dr Renaud Mister Renard - Renaud Sechan
    En cloque - Renaud Sechan
    Fatigué - Renaud Sechan
    Hexagone - Renaud
    Je suis une bande de jeunes - Renaud Sechan
    La chanson du loubard - Renaud Sechan
    La mère à Titi - Renaud Sechan
    La pêche à la ligne - Renaud
    Le retour de Gérard Lambert - Renaud Sechan
    Les autos tamponneuses - Renaud Sechan
    Ma Gonzesse - Renaud Sechan
    Manhattan Kaboul - Renaud
    Manu - Renaud Sechan
    Marche à l'ombre - Renaud Sechan
    Miss Maggie - Renaud Sechan
    Mistral gagnant - Renaud Sechan
    Mon Beauf - Renaud Sechan
    Mon HLM - Renaud Sechan
    Morgane de toi - Renaud
    Morts les enfants - Renaud Sechan
    Pochtron ! - Renaud Sechan
    Société tu m'auras pas - Renaud Sechan
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    Chords should be entered on the first space in a measure. If they are to start later in the measure, enter a slash (/) on each beat where the chord from the preceding measure is to be continued.

    Chart Layout Conventions

    Thank you for sharing your charts
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    Petit Papa Noel - Henri Martinet

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    95 Pour Cent - Georges Brassens

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    Ballade Irlandaise - Bourvil

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