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Thread: Chansons Françaises - French Songs

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    Les Champs Elysees - Jo Dassin arr Jm

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    Mon Amant De Saint Jean - Unknown Composer

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    Bravo Monsieur Le Monde - Michel Fugain arr jm

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    La Fille Du Motel - Eddy Mitchell

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    Giselle Chanson (41)

    Individual songs:
    La Vie En Rose 1 - Piaf-Gugliemi
    Je m'voyais déjà - Charles Aznavour
    Les yeux ouverts 1 - Enzo Enzo
    Mon manège à moi - Norbert Glanzberg
    Autumn Leaves (Verse) - Joseph Kosma
    La javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg
    Jardin d'hiver - Zeidel-Biolay
    La bohème - Charles Aznavour
    Ne Me Quitte Pas 1 - Jaques Brel
    C'est Si Bon - Henri Betti
    La Foule - Cabral-Rivgauche
    La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg
    Elisa - Serge Gainsbourg
    La Chanson De Prevert - Serge Gainsbourg
    Le poinçonneur des Lilas - Serge Gainsbourg
    C'est si bon 1 - Henri Betti
    Cecile Ma Fille 2 - Nougaro
    Aline - Christophe
    La Foule 2 - Angel Cabral
    Padam...Padam - Glanzberg-Content (ala E Piaf)
    Padam Padam 1 - Norbert Glanzberg
    Milord - Marguerite Monnot
    Quand on a que l'amour - Jacques Brel
    Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jaques Brel
    La maladie d'amour 1 - Jacques Revaux
    La Vie En Rose - Louiguy-Piaf
    Ah Tu Verras 2 - Chico Buarque Nougaro
    Armstrong - Trad. US
    Hymne à l'amour - Marguerite Monnot
    Il est 5h Paris s'éveille - Jacques Dutronc
    J'ai deux amours - Vincent Scotto
    J'aime les filles 1 - Jacques Dutronc
    Je ne veux pas travailler 1 - Forbes
    Je suis sous - Claude Nougaro
    L'eau à la bouche - Serge Gainsbourg
    La mer 1 - Charles Trenet
    Les parapluies de Cherbourg - Michel Legrand
    My Way 2 - Revaux-Francois-Thibaud-Anka
    Parlez-moi d'amour - Jean Lenoir
    Plus bleu que tes yeux 1 - Charles Aznavour
    Pour un flirt - Roland Vincent

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    Thiéfaine (22)

    Individual songs:
    113ème Cigarette Sans Dormir - Thiéfaine Mairet
    Alligators 427 - Thiéfaine
    Angelus - HF Thiéfaine
    Autoroutes Jeudi d'Automne - Thiéfaine
    Camera Terminus - Thiéfaine
    Confession d'un Neverbeen (1 sur 2) - HF Thiéfaine - JP Nataf
    Confession d'un Neverbeen (2 sur 2) - HF Thiéfaine - JP Nataf
    Distance - Thiéfaine Personne
    Exil sur Planète Fantome - Thiéfaine
    Fenêtre Sur Désert - Thiefaine Mélies
    Fièvre Résurrectionnelle - Thiéfaine
    L'Etranger dans la Glace - Thiéfaine Kiesler
    La Fille du Coupeur de Joints - Thiéfaine
    La Ruelle des Morts - Thiéfaine La Casa
    Les Dingues et les Paumés - Thiéfaine Mairet
    Lorelei Sebasto Cha - Thiéfaine Mairet
    Mathématiques Souterraines - Thiéfaine Mairet
    Nyctalopus Airline - Thiefaine Mairet
    Sentiments Numériques Revisités - Thiéfaine
    Soleil Cherche Futur - Thiéfaine Mairet
    Stalag Tilt - Thiefaine Mairet
    Sweet Amanite Phalloïde Queen - Thiéfaine Mairet

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    I there, I really love this app, this forum and the people who share songs... Thanks to all !

    I'm looking for a song which French name is "couleur café" although I'm not sure it's its original name... I've been looking for it but couldn't find it I this forum... Does anybody know about it ?

    Thanks and keep playing !

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    Here it is:

    Couleur Café - Serge Gainsbourg

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    Default Chansons Françaides - French Songs

    "What Now My Love" is a popular ballad of the 1960s and 1970s by French composer Gilbert Bécaud (originally "Et Maintenant" = "What Now"). He recorded it with a tat rat-tat-tat tat rhythm reminiscent of Ravel's "Bolero." Shirley Bassey had a hit in 1967 with a similar presentation. There are many performances on YouTube, including eminently forgettable ones by Sonny & Cher and Elvis, and others, similar to Bassey's, by Judy Garland and Patti Page. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass did an up tempo latin recording (sounds like a samba) and Petula Clark did a light rock performance which are both worth listening to. The lyrics are plaintive; the singer asking what will happen to him "now that it's over" with a message of great sadness. In contrast, Frank Sinatra does a ring-a-ding ironic performance in which he seems more relieved than sad at the end of things. Jack Jones's delivery is even more blatant, giving a dismissive wave as he says goodbye!

    The tune itself is of some interest. It is a 32-bar form, but not the typical AABA or ABAC. Rather it is AAB (8, 8, 16 bars) with a modified A with tag after the last chorus. The B section has two chains around the cycle of fifths and is fun to improvise over.

    I like doing this tune as a bounce, 130 bpm with either a Swing Two/Four or a Ballad Swing style. I prefer these to Medium Swing which has a heavier feel. The new Doo Doo Cats style also works. I'm a pianist and only use bass and drums so your approach may be different.

    A lead sheet for the tune can be found in The Ultimate Fake Book published by Hal Leonard.

    What Now My Love - Gilbert Becaud

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    Hey ! Sorry I didn't see your answer earlier, thanks a lot ! I'll try it right now...

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