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Thread: Chansons Franšaises - French Songs

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    Default Paroles, Paroles - Gianni Ferrio

    Paroles, Paroles -CM-V3 - Gianni Ferrio

    This is the changes corresponding to the Dalida/Delon recording (with intro, twice the changes, and coda) :

    I hope you will enjoy with it.

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    Default Nous Nous Reverrons un Jour ou L'autre - Charles Aznavo

    Nous Nous Reverrons un Jour ou L'autre -CM-V2 - Charles Aznavour

    The chart that I have made is corresponding to this Youtube link :
    Enjoy with it.

    PS : here is the link for SoundSlice :
    It is synchronized with the above video and with this one, played by me on chromatic harmonica :
    I also added a third video also synchronized with the changes. It is a karaoke accompaniment :
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    Default Tu te laisses aller - Charles Aznavour


    The chart, in D, that I have made is corresponding with this Youtube link :

    And it is also corresponding with this score (page 48) which is in C :

    I also made the slice with synchronization :
    - Aznavour recording
    - karaoke recording (


    Tu te laisses aller -CM-V3 - Charles Aznavour
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    Default Je Suis Venu Te dire Que je M'en Vais - Serge Gainsbourg

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    Here is a Bob Dylan song ("Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"), french adaptation sung by Hugues Aufray, which has become a french song with the name "N'y pense plus tout est bien" :
    I have done a SoundSlice for the first couplet :

    N'y pense plus tout est bien -CM-V2 - Bob Dylan/Hugues Aufray

    Enjoy !


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    Default Barcelone (Boris Vian) - Alain Goraguer

    Barcelone - Boris Vian
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