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    Default Marieta harmonized & put to bolero beat

    Marieta - Francisco Tarrega
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    Default Adagio in G minor, by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni

    My first post to the forums:Adagio In G Minor by Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni (1)

    1. Adagio In G minor - Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni

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    Hello MagneticNorthMusic.
    Your chart was a bit improper:
    - I removed the useless slashes since the player continues to play the chord in the measure without them
    - added an end-of-chart barline
    - inserted the "repeat 3 times text at the end, and an "open repeat" barline at the beginning
    - changed key from C to G (remember to set the key in the song info correctly, otherwise confusion might occur when transposing)

    On a side-note, the "Adagio" is a fake. It's a composition by Remo Giazotto, copyrighted in 1958.

    Adagio In G Minor - (Albinoni fake)
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    Thanks Mr. K, nice job.

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    "Wolfgang AMADEUS Mozart"
    L'enfant Prodige!

    Voici un essai de transcription avec deux de ses plus belles œuvres.
    A lire avec le rythme "jazz long note"

    Lacrimosa (Requiem) - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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    Ave Verum Corpus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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    Default Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 - Chopin

    Transcribed the main chords of this piece into an AABA form that works well as a jazz waltz.

    Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 - Chopin
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    Ave Maria (Schubert) - Franz Schubert

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    Ave Maria (Caccini) - Giulio Caccini

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    Amazing Grace (To Sarah-Jane)
    Amazing Grace (To Sarah-Jane) - Arr Jm et Andrea Pron

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