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Thread: Nica's Dream - Horace Silver

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    Default Nica's Dream - Horace Silver

    Latin-swing feel. Swing choruses. Additional: on head only, swing last 4 bars of A section; Latin feel on last bar of B section going back into second A section. Not reflected in audio/playback.

    Nica's Dream 2 - Horace Silver

    Sorry if this got posted twice. Bit of confusion over done button vs. submit new thread button...
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    Thanks, Pygmy.

    The version you posted is slightly different from the one in Jazz 1300 Standards. The Interlude you included at the end of the head is normally played only before each instrument begins soloing and not between every chorus.

    Here is another version, from Chuck Sher's New Real Book Volume Two. It has some different changes from the two mentioned above. It incorporates the opening Intro, and the closing Tag that comes after the last head, as well as the rhythms of the original.

    It does not include the Interlude that comes between the head and the solos, as I could not figure out how to play multiple choruses on the solos without playing the Interlude again between each chorus.

    Nica's Dream Rev - Horace Silver

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    Thanks, Jer! Sorry It took me so long to reply--I haven't frequented the forum for quite awhile and just saw your posting. Will check out your chart.

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    Default Playable versions for practice

    Hello everyone.
    I divided the song in “melody” and “solos” for simplicity, and made playable versions to practice with (I use paper charts to gig :-)

    I used the NRB2 chords and made Intro-A-A-B-A-C structure, plus the Coda (the “tag”) only at end.

    I used the NRB2 chords and made (A-A-B-A)2x-C structure (solved your problem, Jerry, at least for 2 solo choruses! :-)

    Am then including the RB1 version as a bonus, with C section repeated after every chorus.

    Happy practicing/playing!

    Nica's Dream [NRB2] [mel] - Horace Silver

    Nica's Dream [NRB2] [solos] - Horace Silver

    Nica's Dream [RB1] - Horace Silver

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    Post NIca's Dream (Blakey Intro)

    Nica's Dream (Blakey Intro) - Horace Silver
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    Default Nica's Dream (Cal Tjader)

    Omits the intro. Subs a minor ii-V in place of Ab-^7 and omits the 8 bar Horace Silver tag

    Nica's Dream (Cal Tjader Version) - Horace Silver
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    Nica's Dream - Horace Silver

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