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Thread: I Can't Stop Loving You - Don GIbson

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    Default I Can't Stop Loving You - Don GIbson

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    Another similar version

    I Can't Stop Loving You - Don Gibson


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    Oops, my search skills were deficient as the previous version is fine. I'm happy to take mine down if you think it's cluttering up the forum.

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    We're moving towards having, in addition to the main playlists (like the Jazz1300 etc.), just one discussion thread per title in each genere-Forum. That way multiple versions of the same tune can be easily found, downloaded, compared and discussed. So, if a thread for that title (in the appropriate style-forum) exists, it's best to post additional versions of that tune there. If a thread hasn't been started yet, go ahead and start it. Please title it "<song title> - <composer>"
    Add additional description (Sinatra version, RB6, reharm etc.) in the post message. It's best to also add a "code" to the title on the chart to avoid confusion.

    Thanks for posting,
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