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    Quote Originally Posted by dflat View Post
    Did you see the Tutorials in More or touching the question mark ? within the editor?
    There is an eraser above the rehearsal letter A in the editor keyboard.
    The left and right arrows move the cursor around (or tap where you need to be) and underneath the arrows are the insert and delete buttons.
    Some buttons need to be pressed multiple times to select the appropriate symbol (like barlines, Segno etc.)
    Thank you. And thank you for the prompt reply.


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    Default Getting help with writing a chart

    FOR HELP WITH A CHART, POST THE WHOLE CHART along with your question.

    Only post charts and playlists in the forums directly from your app using iReal pro format.
    Share>Forums (or Post to Forums) so they can be downloaded and opened directly in the editor.

    Don't use attachments, images or other file-sharing links from websites or your computer.

    The only reasons to use notation devices like multiple endings, repeat brackets and various repeat instructions (3x) DS, DC etc. are to save "ink" and chart space (because of the current iRp single-page format) or to make the chart easier for a musician to read and follow.
    There are usually multiple ways to write what you want the musician (and player) to play. Which way would be best in your situation, depends on the context of the whole chart.

    So, for help with a part of a chart, please post the entire chart to show the issue in its correct context. (Even if you need to share the chart as two pages)

    While non-standard work-arounds may cause the player to act in a specific way, they can be confusing to a musician.
    (eg. Starting with a 2nd ending without a 1st ending)

    Chart Layout Conventions

    If you are having difficulty with a chart, share your work-in-progress (meaning): post your chart, explain the issue and other members will help you get it sorted.



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