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Thread: NooB Request 1: More chord qualities

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    Default NooB Request 1: More chord qualities

    * Purchased iRealPro for Android yesterday. Generally happy with it, but I'm posting a few feature requests, 1 per thread. *

    More Chord Qualities and/or custom qualities. (Yeah, I saw a similar thread to this, but felt this was a little different.)

    The first thing I did after downloading the app was type in a few of my compositions to get the feel for the editor, and ran into trouble when some chords I use weren't available. Specifically, -add9 and mM13.

    Slash chords aren't a good workaround - I tried G-/A and that was a wreck; inversions matter. EmM9 was an adequate sounding substitution for EmM13, but I have to remember to add the C# when I play it.

    Adding more chords would be one solution, allowing custom chords would be another. Would settle for displaying a custom name while playing an existing chord.

    While I'm on the subject, I would prefer another step to the chord selection: root, basic quality, alterations, inversion. (example: E, -, 7 and b5, /Bb) That would probably confuse a lot of people, but it would be faster for some of us than searching through the big list.

    - DrDeFab, weekend warrior.

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    I also think that a few more chords quality would be useful, such as minor(add 9), which is a plain minor chord with a 9th (1,b3,5,9) but without the 7th.
    This chord is commonly used in rock and pop.
    Also missing: Major(add4) which is (1,3,4,5) without the 7th and also m7add11 (1,b3,5,b7,11), without a 9th

    I'm not sure about which chord you mean by mM13. Do you mean (1,b3,5,b7,9,13) or (1,b3,5,7,9,13)?
    There is already a minor 6th chord, but it doesn't have any 7th in it (1,b3,5,6)

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