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Thread: Need help to identify smooth jazz song from 1995 or before (Request)

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    Default Need help to identify smooth jazz song from 1995 or before (Request)

    Hi, I heard a song back around the 1995 time period on a Sunday morning jazz show on the now defunct KCJZ 106.7 Smooth Jazz San Antonio and have been unable to identify it all these years. I'm not sure when the song was composed; it could have been composed earlier than 1995 as well. That rules out a lot of songs in the post-1996 era.

    I created a clip of the melody from memory and was hoping someone could take a listen and see if they recognize it. It featured instruments similar to Tim Bowman and Spyro Gyra (jazz guitar, sax, keyboard).

    The link is as follows:

    Thank you,

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    I couldn't hear any sounds from the Online Sequencer file. is there some trick to it?

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    Wouldn't play on my iPad either. It played on my (newer) android phone...still a complete mystery to me

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    It plays on my laptop with Chrome. I don't recognize the tune; though it doesn't help that the note durations are all the same. So, I created a video screen clip in case it's familiar to others.


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