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    Default Member announcements

    Members are welcome to share MUSIC-RELATED announcements that may be of interest to the iReal pro community in this thread.

    Advertising, sales, marketing or commercial activity will be considered SPAM and may result in suspension of posting privileges.

    Remember, this is an international group. Be sure to include the location IN THE TITLE of your post when appropriate.

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    Default WAKEMAN and CARRACK Concerts in UK

    WAKEMAN and CARRACK Concerts in UK

    Hi! I'm a volunteer at a Railway Roundhouse restoration at Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Thrilled to say we have Wakeman and Carrack concerts in the Roundhouse in September. Happy to expand if you want to know more!

    Thanks Bob. Wasn't sure if it was ok to mention our gigs. Exciting times for us! Paul Carrack agreed to play because he lives not far away in Sheffield, England and Rick W agreed because he loves steam locomotives! All good!
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    Default SEATTLE - weekly gypsy swing workshop and jam session

    Gypsy one night, Americana & bluegrass on another.
    I heard about this:
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    Default jazz jam in Impington, Cambridge, UK

    Regular jazz jam session. Last Sunday of the month, Railway Vue pub in Impington near Cambridge UK, 4-7pm.
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    Default The Caucus Club After Glow Jan 18, 2019 Detroit MI

    The Rodney Reeves Trio feat. Pianist Rodney Reeves, DeAnna Weeden on vocals and Keith Malinowski on Bass.
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    Default 2020 JEN Conference

    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    Every beginning improviser should watch your presentation.
    Thanks Jim!


    Below is a link to a presentation I made at the 2019 Satchmo Summerfest about "What Note Would Louis Armstrong Play."
    All you JEN attendees, please swing by my Armstrong presentation on Thursday, 1/9. Also, I'll be hanging out with Chuck Sher some on Wednesday and Friday. Hope to meet some of you-

    Jazz Education Network 2020 New Orleans 1/7-10
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    Default Czech Group on Facebook

    Czech Group on Facebook

    Ahoj, pro české uživatele je nyní možno dotazy k iRealPro na Facebooku

    Karel Jačko IReal Pro pro České uživatele

    I zde na wiki

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    Default PARIS Group: Pretending to be a jazz vocal band


    just to announce this new group for jazz singers enthusiasts, many workshops, in Paris

    so welcome to join this group
    Pretending to be a jazz vocal band


    [English below]
    Se prendre pour une bande de jazz vocal,
    autrement dit on décide une date, un lieu, pour répéter ensemble, chant, mais aussi chorégraphie jazz et instruments, sans se prendre au sérieux mais en se voyant déjà des stars... c'est sûr
    Pretending to be a jazz vocal band,
    in other words we decide on a date, a place, to rehearse together, singing, but also jazz choreography and instruments, without taking ourselves seriously but seeing ourselves as stars... for sure
    les news sur l'onglet "Discussions"
    sur twitter aussi :
    news of the group on the tab "Discussions".
    on twitter too :
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