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Thread: Real Book Digital Download ?

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    Default Real Book Digital Download ?

    I want to download the digital version of the Real Book (at least 1 of the 5 volumes available), which is available on both iBooks & on Amazon, for which I would use the Kindle app for iPad to read it on. Anybody downloaded this on their iPad? Which app (iBooks or Kindle app for iOS) would be better? Do either of them allow exporting pages as PDFs, &/or printing pages? Thx, MCJazzer

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    While what you seek is not compatible with iReal pro, it can be used in conjunction with iRp.


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    Well, yea, that's what I was thinking. The guy I've been playing w/ is reading the melodies from his book, mine was ruined a few years ago when we got water in our basement. So I thought I'd go digital for a replacement.

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    The iBooks versions of Hal Leonard Real books is very poor although readable. They were badly produced. Perhaps they used OCR for the titles (there are occasional spelling mistakes in titles and composers so not all the searches would work). I have the Real books volume 1 and 2; perhaps the newer volume scans are better?

    There are two views of the chart, one, page size, where the margins are large reducing the size of the notation and the bigger size by tapping the chart so it fills the page but you lose the title (as it only shows the staves and if there are empty staves at the bottom, these are shown as well). If the song is two pages, in big chart mode, you cannot swipe to the next page.
    The TOC works and you can search (obviously only within the one volume you are in).
    You can read the notation clearly (it is slightly fuzzy but readable).
    (iPad Air)

    I do not know what happens if you have purchased the Kindle version and how it functions and looks within the Kindle app (nor directly on a Kindle itself).

    I hope they produce a better rendering of their publications, or perhaps an app within which you can purchase them, with a global search, playlist function etc.

    For exporting, you can do a screenshot (if it is big view, there is no title), and I would think cropping out the margin in the smaller page mode would reduce the resolution and not be as clear in full screen on an iPad. There is no Share for a page if that is what you are wanting, presumably for copyright reasons.
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    I use the Kindle version on 3 different sizes of iPad (4, Mini, & Pro) as well as 3 different eInk Kindles (Touch, Paperwhite & DX - only use the eInk versions in a pinch, if I either don't have an iPad with me or they run out of juice), and I love it. Also have it on my iPhone if needed. I have Real Book 1&2, Real Christmas, & Real Miles.

    They seem no worse than using the original paper, especially on the iPad Pro. And with added advantage of jumping to songs. I bookmark anything I have in a set list on iReal Pro.

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    Default Real music sheet or similar

    Hi all, anyone owns PDF or link to download some big collection of jazz standards Music sheet or a real book (if exists) with pc style not handwritten sheet as usual. Thank you
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    I am looking for something like that too: A -not- handwritten version of a real book (so with melody too), so you can actually use the search option.... Anybody knows? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamahaclavinova View Post
    I am looking for something like that too: A -not- handwritten version of a real book (so with melody too), so you can actually use the search option.... Anybody knows? Thanks!
    You won't find that here. iReal pro is chord charts only.

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