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Thread: Calypso style becomes Jazz - medium swing?!?

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    Default Calypso style becomes Jazz - medium swing?!?

    When I'm editing a song I can choose "calypso" but the player just shows Jazz - Medium Swing and Calypso isn't an option, at least on the Mac. Any suggestions how to force calypso or of a closer style than swing?

    Thanks, Rob

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    See if this explanation helps.

    It's not Calypso, but try: Pop - Reggae, vibraphone, Muted Bass, ~120
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    very helpful as always Bob, thank you.

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    Default Calypso style

    There's very good version of Fungii Mama using a great calypso style backing from this site. I’ve found the chords but where is the calypso style rhythm?
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    The list of Rhythm Styles in the edit window do not actually set the rhythm style that the iReal Player will use - you choose the rhythm style for the iReal Player after you've saved & closed the edit window.

    The list of rhythm styles in the edit window are really only for putting the name of a style as text at the top of the chart. That list includes all the ones that the iReal Player can play, plus additional ones that have been added (by the developers, I guess). You can actually add your own if you want. Think of it as info for other musicians if you're playing the chart live, instead of using the iReal Player.

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    The list of rhythm styles in the edit window reflect everything that has been written in the "style" field (by the chart's author) on all the charts you have downloaded.




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