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Thread: Easy way for double time

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    Default Easy way for double time

    I made a short remark earlier about that in another thread. To make it really clear, I think it is good to describe it moore in detail.

    When you play a waltz, 3/4, you can bring it easily into a double time feel: you change the Time Signature at the the beginning of the chords from 3/4 to 6/4, and you double the tempo. Thats all, needs 20 sec.

    Vice versa you can change 4/4 into a half time feel, by changing 4/4 into 2/4.

    A double time feel for 4/4 could be done easily, if a Time Signature 8/4 would be possible.
    Unfortunately 8/4 is not yet possible. But therefore even more complex Time Signatures are allowed, like 9/8 etc, I guess, that allowing this in the software should be quite easy, maybe a thing of few minutes?

    So this could be an easy beginning for a kind of double time feature for ALMOST ALL EXISTING STYLES, which is a quite good educational help. Maybe later with more advanced options. Just a beginn.

    So a "Please, Please" from the heart, please allow this soon.
    Thank You!

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    Hey, Im totally agree with this. So, more years gone and still on iphone app isnít easy solution how to switch between half and doubletime. Of course 8/8 could be possibility. How it looks in new updates? Is it able now?

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    Default Since 2011 people call of doubletime 8/8

    It miss me easy switch beetwen halftime and double time. It’s way to change 4/4 to 2/4 but 8/8 not exist. Ive found here that many people ask for it since 2011. Are u wondering to create this? Thx
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