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Thread: Custom Chord Diagrams

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    Default different chord voicing within a single song

    different chord voicing within a single song
    would it be possible? Or is it for iReal Utopia?
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    Another vote for custom chords and fingerings! I was just trying to add a very popular guitar version of Night in Tunisia to iReal Pro and it’s just impossible because you can’t include A7#9b13 for example. Also, is there really no way to use different fingerings when a chord appears in different bars in the same song? That’s not Pro at all

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    All the guitarists I work with know all the chords like that. Check out this site:

    P.S. You don't have to play all the notes of the chords, particularly the root and the fifth.

    Sorry, I misunderstood your post. Your chord is in iReal as: A7#9#5.
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    You can use A7#9#5. It's basically the same as A7#9b13

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    Default Ability to alter ukulele chord diagrams

    Thanks again for this wonderful app! I’m an ukulele teacher and I’d love to have the ability to create my own ukulele chord charts for my student. Your options are cool, there’s just simpler ways to play them that I’d like to add.
    Dani Joy
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