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Thread: Melody?

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    Default Melody?

    Hi there,

    this is my first post, hopefully in the right forum.

    How i would like to pratice as a pianist:

    Can the accompagniment be configured freely, say,
    i want to pratice jazz standards for perfomances with
    a singer. Therefore i want the melody only (maybe plus drums)
    as a playalong track, while i provide the harmonies.

    Is that possible ?


    okay i just discovered that there are no melodies in the songs,
    so the whole thing only makes sense for soloists, not comping
    pianists and guitarists resp.

    thanks in advance

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    No melodies
    No lyrics
    No "lead sheets"
    No sheet music, no musical notation.

    iReal pro has:
    Chord charts only

    iReal pro charts with just chord progressions are not subject to copyright issues.

    The app comes with 50 built-in practice exercises.
    Thousands of member-posted chord charts can be downloaded from the forums without additional charge.

    Any chart or playlist can be easily edited, printed or emailed.

    The player feature in the app generates any key and tempo in many styles.

    If you need traditional lead-sheets with lyrics, iRp probably isn't your first choice, though some users add lyric "reminders" to their iRp charts.

    If you want the BEST easily readable portable-format, instantly transposable, "pocket-changes" AND practice tool with a great player feature, plus chord diagrams for guitar, ukulele and piano, even charts in "Nashville numbers", you've found it! What are the "mystery" chord changes in the bridge?..... iReal pro has the answer.

    The app doesn't use much memory and doesn't need to have an Internet connection to use the player or display the charts in your library.

    iReal pro is the perfect jam session and performance chord chart app for instrumentalists and the perfect practice "band in your pocket" for vocalists as well as instrumental improvisers.

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    if you have an iPad you can run iReal Pro in the background, viewing a scan, photo or PDF of your Real book pages. There are a few PDF music apps designed specifically for this. Here is an old thread if you are interested:

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    Default Melody lines as well as chords

    I know this has been mentioned before and I am aware of the copyright issue in providing melody lines to songs. However, I would be willing to pay a full market price to have a complete Real Book on my Android tablet, including melody lines. I have bought every jazz fake book available in the past so why wouldn't I pay for a full iReal Pro?!!!! Keep up the good work, it's still a great app

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    Default Melody implementation is wanted

    I'm glad to use your app.
    However for me, it misses the melody part as in the Real Book.
    It would be very nice to get the theme displayed with the harmony.
    I can imagine that it's a huge amount of coding to append this new functionality to the existing app, but it would lead it to a much higher level.
    Good continuation !
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    Hi Kriss
    Years ago the evil publishers tried to shut down iRealPro it was the iRealbook then and had a similar logo as the old illegal real books.
    The owners have to be pretty carful with copyright. The original app had all the titles of the songs and then just the chords. You can't copyright chords but the publishers threatened too shut us down because of the titles!!
    cut to the chase the forums were born and this wonderful sharing community was created from the evil of the Publishers greed.
    Karma Bro

    PS I'm working on a way to get lyrics to display. Melody would be a longshot. I think there are apps where you can get what you want buy paying for each song or a bundle of songs. Maybe somebody here can recommend to you a good one?
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    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc

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    Tkx for your quick reply Karma.
    And for the explanation. I'm sorry about that.
    Tkx for your great useful app.

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    Default melodie Noten

    Seit kurzem benutze ich IReal Pro und bin total begeistert.

    Aber,wo bekomme ich die Noten (Melodie) der Stücke?
    Für eine Antwort (Link) bedanke ich mich

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    Quote Originally Posted by tralala View Post
    Seit kurzem benutze ich IReal Pro und bin total begeistert.

    Aber,wo bekomme ich die Noten (Melodie) der Stücke?
    Für eine Antwort (Link) bedanke ich mich
    This wonderful app supports chord charts only.

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    Default Melody

    I would like an option where you could Hear the melody of the song also . This melody could be turned of and on .
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