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Thread: Practice Blues 12 keys-multiple repeats in one key?

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    Default Practice Blues 12 keys-multiple repeats in one key?

    I know how to use the PRACTICE function to change keys but..

    Has anyone come up with a way to practice the blues in 12 keys, but have each key play more than 1 time before say, going up in semitones.

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    Edit the chart and just add repeat brackets start and finish |: --------- :| . The form will repeat once before the automatic up-step.
    If you want more repeats, simply add a number and "x" using text within the brackets (usually in the final measure of the repeating section) eg. 3x, 4x, 6x etc.

    Don't forget to turn the practice function (graduation hat icon) back to OFF when done...

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    Hi BOB,

    Thanks for your help...
    Works like a charm.
    For anyone else who wants to see a screen shot showing what it should look like it's attached.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IREAL PRO REPEAT and Transpose.jpg 
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