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Thread: Suggestions for learning to play again?

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    Default Suggestions for learning to play again?

    It is over 40 years since I last did a professional gig & almost as long since I' be
    played at all. Now I have a hankering to take up the clarinet again. I'd welcome any sugestio!ns as to which books to buy & how to make use of irealpro in my learning process.
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    no one has answered you yet?
    You do not give much information, but assuming you know how to read notation and used to improvise...

    iReal Pro
    - slow tempo in the player controls so you can find your fingering and notes again
    - download the Jazz 1300 songs, the Gypsy jazz etc. (there is even a small classical thread if you want to go in that direction)
    (reminder, the app does not have notation nor melodies)
    - a blues playlist is at the forum here (some with simple chord progressions to start off with)
    - you can find ballads under Style (although any song can be changed to Ballad or set to a slow tempo)
    - turn Global transpose to Bb for your clarinet transposing key (the player will stay in Concert key—the chart transposes to yours)
    - any song can be transposed (using the transpose button—set to Concert key)
    - use the Chord scales diagrams if you need a reminder (they will show for each measure as it plays), tap on it and choose another scale to show the next time through
    - use the Practice function to transpose the key on each chorus as it repeats through (once you progress a little)

    Tutorials within the app have information on how to use it. Ask at the forum here if there is something you cannot figure out.

    There are other apps musicians use:
    various Tuner apps (good for checking tuning and general intonation as you get used to playing it again—good for practicing long notes (remember?) for breath control etc.)
    Anytune Pro (and similar) for transcribing (slow down the song and it will stay at the same pitch)
    Recording apps to record yourself practicing (give yourself feedback) (like Garageband if you have an Apple device)
    PDF viewer for viewing notation (melody) on larger devices as iReal Pro plays in the background

    If you are a jazz player, this site has some free information:
    (there is a heading, Free Jazz)
    The Jazz handbook and scale syllabus might be useful

    Real books from:
    (remember to purchase the Bb version! unless you have a clarinet in A—then you are on your own)

    This thread (search for others) might help:

    Hopefully you have found some nice reeds (mostly I use Vandoren) and your clarinet is playing nicely for you—
    not sure mine does but it's more likely me!

    I hope something here helps.

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    I remember (this book I think) was interesting reading:


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