This is a compilation, from dozens of 1st-year instruction books, of most of the easiest tunes given in those books, songs like Polly Wolly Doodle, Down In the Valley, On Top Of Old Smokey, Mary Had A little Lamb, Baa Baa Black Sheep,etc. Learning how to "write on the charts", I included a bit of music instruction as well, explaining things like Intros, Codas (Tags/ Outros), Fermatas, "Comping", etc.

What started out as as set of the "300 Most Basic Tunes For Beginners" turned out to be a set containing over 500 tunes (some are duplicates, but with different arrangements).

This set is designed for teachers, students and beginners. It's for those would like to have a "background band" to play along with when practicing, while being able to change song Styles, Tempos, and instrumentation, available in the various iReal Pro icons.

These are of course written for "concert-pitched" instruments, but using the "Global Transposition" element of the iReal Pro
App, students can read the chords for their own instruments. For those of you who teach based upon using more of a "music theory approach" (i. e. numbers for chords) iReal Pro is works its "magic" when you show students how to use and understand the "Number Notation" system of reading chords.