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Thread: Mandolin Chords

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    Perhaps a more unified perspective would benefit many more users.

    Tenor Banjo chord diagrams have been also been requested.

    Since the same chord shapes could serve mandolins, violins, violas, cellos, tenor banjos and guitars as well as other instruments, all that would be needed is the ability to adjust the label of the diagram independently of the chart to accommodate instruments with different string lengths.

    The same principle would work for different sized ukuleles as well as permit the re-naming of chord diagrams when using a capo.

    Even though violins (for instance) are not thought of as "chord" instruments, they frequently use double-stops (partial chords) and chord shapes are a great starting point for beginning improvisers.

    So, I too am wishing for independently labeled mandolin/tenor banjo shaped chord diagrams.
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