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Thread: Chart plays funny

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    Question Chart plays funny

    This chart does not go through the bars in the right order. It's part of Aguas De Marco, ideas why?
    Any ideas?

    Aguas De Março - Jobim

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    It looks like you have inserted a beat, displacing all the measures and barlines after that point.
    Click into the middle of the 2nd measure, then EDIT>Delete beat and you will see all the missing barlines appear.
    You will need to insert the final barline at the very end of the song.
    Then you can test play and see if that fixes it.

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    It actually has a 3/2 bar right there, so yes I inserted the extra beat and the 3/2 time sig on purpose. I have done other charts with meter changes and they work. How can I make this one work and keep the 3/2 bar there which the chart demands..

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    The player doesn't need the additional space to accommodate the 3/2 time sig for that bar.
    For example, the player will play 4-space measures in 3/4 by simply changing the time sig. (Unless there are more than 3chords in a bar).

    I removed the added space (as dflat suggested) which lined everything back up. Also added the final bar-sign.
    Does it work ok for you?

    Aguas De Março - Jobim


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