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Thread: Support for Sonos speakers?

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    Default Support for Sonos speakers?

    New user _ is this possible?

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    Has anyone figured out how to play iReal Pro through Sonos speakers??

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    Default Sonos ?

    How can I use iReal via Sonos?
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    Please cast your vote to Sonos support in our feature request survey here:

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    That depends on the model you have. Besides the various play models I also have a connect to which I connected bluetooth receiver so I can send the phone audio to it and then select the line in as a source on any other Sonos player.
    Of course currently you need Play 5 or Connect model to do this.

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    Smile Playing songs through Sonos

    Hi, I often play(ed) songs wirelessly through my Sonos speakers. Recently I was forced to update my Sonos app, and now I can no longer cast ireal pages to Sonos, to play backup track through speakers. I have contacted both Apple and Sonos-to no avail. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Can someone please help? Thanks, Lise2

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    Default Using irealpro on Android outputting audio through SONOS Page One

    I just purchased SONOS Page One wireless speakers that connect through my internet router. It does not work as I was thinking as a bluetooth speaker. It will play mp3s on your phone or use streaming services such a Napster, Spotify...and Apple products I'm now told . I'm also told Android users can download an All called Airplay to use it. This is a drag!!
    So irealpro do you have an easier and more direct way to output irealpro songs through SONOS?

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    The newer Sonos speakers support Airplay 2 so they should work with iReal Pro.

    You could possibly try an Android Airplay app (apparently some do not work very well), but we cannot be sure it would work.
    If anyone has this working successfully, please post your android device, Airplay app name here so others can investigate.

    At this time we do not intend to include Sonos support directly, neither for older models of Sonos (the newer ones now have Airplay2) nor Android devices running iReal Pro with any Sonos product.
    We may review this in the future (and Sonos will be continually evolving their products and protocols).


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