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Thread: The Beatles

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    Junk - The Beatles

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    Default More Beatles - Because

    Because - John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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    Default Beatles Break

    Beatles Break (2)

    1. With a Little Help From My Friends - Unknown Composer
    2. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - Unknown Composer

    Moderator note:
    Always remember to include correct composer information on charts posted in the forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aulit View Post
    Junk - The Beatles
    The song is not actually a Beatles song, it was played by and published on Paul's first solo album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radohammonda View Post
    Because (John Lennon and Paul McCartney)
    Wow! That was a song that was sorely missing!!!

    Excuse me for pointing this out, just trying to be helpful:
    There *is* a shorthand symbol for half-diminished (m7b5) - if you scroll the chords wheel UP you'll find this ().
    There's also a diminished symbol without the 7, which is not usually needed.

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    This chart saved my life at a last gig last night... Thanks!

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    Default some beatles

    Beatles (16)

    1. All I've Got to Do (Tom's) - Lennon/ McCartney
    2. Anna (Go With Him) (Tom's) - Lennon/McCartney
    3. Baby It's You (Tom's) - Unknown Composer
    4. Can't Buy Me Love (Tom's) - Lennon-McCartney
    5. Hard Day's Night (Tom's) - Beatles
    6. I Should Have Known Better (Tom's) - Lennon/ McCartney
    7. With A Little Help From My Friends (Tom's) - Lennon McCartney
    8. All My Loving (Tom's) - Lennon-McCartney
    9. And I Love Her - Lennon-McCartney
    10. Eight Days A Week - Lennon-McCartney
    11. Girl - Lennon-McCartney
    12. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Tom's) - Lennon-McCartney
    13. If I Fell (Tom's) - Lennon-McCartney
    14. In My Life (Tom's) - Lennon-McCartney
    15. Ticket to Ride (Tom's) - & McCartney Lennon
    16. Oh! Darling - Lennon-McCartney

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    Here's Good Day Sunshine, with intro and 3/4 & 5/4 bars

    Good Day Sunshine (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney

    Things We Said Today (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney

    I'm So Tired (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney

    I Am The Walrus (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney

    From Abbey Road side two (back when discs were black and had one long groove on each side . . . )

    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney
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    Default The Beatles

    A lovely Lennon song for Ringo, from the White Album

    Good Night (Beatles) - Lennon-McCartney

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    Default Beatles: I Saw Her Standing There

    Accurate chart for John Lennons part. I watched several videos from TV broadcasts to get this right.
    That being said this chart is missing the play along for the guitar solo because it was removed from the medley we were using in our show. This is posted in this format for friends to download. I'll update it with solo later. (You may wish to change the A- chord at the end of the Chorus line to A-/c to get the proper C bass note. While George is playing a C John is playing A- giving us a C6 or A-7 feel). Hope that helps.

    I Saw Her Standing There - Lennon-McCartney
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