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Thread: The Beatles

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    Honey Pie - Lennon-McCartney (The Beatles)
    Fixed chords and form from posted version

    Honey Pie - Lennon-McCartney

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregH3000 View Post
    There are a lot of errors on this one. MARTHA MY DEAR starts out in 2/2, then switches to 3/2, and then to 4/4 first of all. Many chord errors as well.

    So, you gonna post your chart... ????
    So far, your post isn't helpful.

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    I just happened to notice that the version for "For No One" (Revolver) had quite a few errors and was in the wrong key and time signature as well. Here's my take:

    For No One 1 - The Beatles (Lennon, McCartney)
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    See what you think of this version; I added my nickname initials just to be on the safe side.

    Martha My Dear -BG3K - Lennon, McCartney
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregH3000 View Post
    See what you think of this version; I added my nickname initials just to be on the safe side. I couldn't get the 178 BPM to stick; every time I tried to save, it would just revert to the default tempo for country rock (which sounded the closest of all the styles; I tried quite a few). So I had to put the correct BPM on the first line; hope that is OK.

    Martha My Dear -BG3K - Lennon, McCartney

    Style and tempo are set in the player (before you post), not in the editor.
    Your player settings (style, tempo) should transfer with the song when you post it.
    The style on the chart (set in editor) is a suggestion/description.
    The player settings for the chart you post is how it will play.
    Choose a style first, then adjust the tempo.
    Select another style, reset the tempo...
    Thanks for sharing your chart
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregH3000 View Post
    Still not getting what you mean. How can you preserve the tempo that is required without saving it? If you choose a style, it defaults to whatever is programmed. I change it, then try to save it, and it reverts back to the default.
    What do you mean by "saving it" and "try to save it"?

    Finish all your business in the editor. Done, Save
    Chart is open in song view.
    Set a style, then adjust tempo. Play. Confirm the chart plays as you intend.
    Share, song chart, forums. Paste it in a post.
    You're done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregH3000 View Post
    In my view, saving is what you do when you are done editing and ready to share it with the forum or whatever. I think I finally understand, though; you're insisting I have to share it to preserve the correct style and tempo. This seems so counterintuitive to me; what if I don't want to post it? What if it is just a song I've done for myself and I don't think anyone else is probably going to want?
    Each chart in your app library has a style and tempo. Every time you open that chart it displays/plays as you last set it. ... Until you change the settings -- no "save" involved.
    When you share/post a chart it posts with the settings it had when you posted it.
    When a chart is downloaded (with it's posted settings) that's what you get....until you alter the settings.
    That's why some folks make text notes on charts they write. So they can remember their original setting choices if they should change them.

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    To GregH3000, you were asking some questions about saving the style for a song...

    Just to explain why it works the way it does, a single song can exist in any number of playlists because you might need to play it with different singers, bands, (or rehearsals or practice at home). That single song can have different settings (key, tempo, playback style, repeats) depending on which playlist it is in. This is automatically remembered when you change these settings in the bottom menu for that song in that playlist. Think of them as overrides from the defaults (which are set in song edit).
    When you edit a song (or create a new song) a playback style, key are saved as for song's defaults. If that song is already in a playlist where those settings have been changed (overridden), they are not affected, but any changes to chords, text added, changes to form will show. Exporting (sharing) a song from a playlist will have any overridden settings applied to it as it exports.

    - a song in the song index might have overrides itself;
    - the default key for the song can always be found in the (soft) transpose keys in the bottom menu (should you ever need to know it);
    - iOS users can see the default styles for each song in the (smart) Styles index; in Mac they list in a separate column for each song title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyrilleB View Post
    Strawberry Fields Forever - Lennon-McCartney (The Beatles)
    Very elegant chart for a supremely difficult tune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shin1ro View Post
    from The Beatles (White album)

    Martha My Dear (full) - Lennon-McCartney
    Can you (or someone) tell me how to notate those forward slash bass notes like you have done with this chart? I love that trick.

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