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Thread: The Beatles

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryWilder View Post
    I'm a Loser - Lennon-McCartney

    Pay attention to the placement of bar-repeat signs.
    In a 4-space measure, the single is placed in the 2nd space so it will appear centered in the measure.
    The double, should be superimposed over the barline between the two repeated measures.


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    Default I'm a Loser (Beatles)

    I'm a Loser - Lennon-McCartney

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    Wow! Okay, I can do that. Thanks for the positive feedback! Someday I'm gonna get up on my segmo and fermada.

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    Default I'll Be Back

    I'll Be Back - Lennon-McCartney

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    Default Yes It Is

    Yes It Is - Lennon-McCartney

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    Anna (Go With Him) (Tom's) - Lennon/McCartney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glivni View Post
    Anna (Go With Him) (Tom's) - Lennon/McCartney

    Always remember to include correct composer info on charts posted in the forums.

    Often the performer is not the composer.
    You may include the performer (version) with the song title.

    Please use correct iRp chart-info format.
    Anna (Go With Him)(Beatles) - Arthur Alexander
    ...title.…………………...(version) - composer(s)

    Please correct your chart


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    Here is the chart with correct composer and adequately written intro.

    Anna (Go With Him) [Tom's] - Arthur Alexander

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    I corrected your track because it had several imperfections:
    - The repeat symbol should not be used inside a measure with another chord (perhaps you should use a slash to indicate the repeat of a chord), and regardless, not needed for this situation (one chord per measure)
    - the IN and V symbols are played only once, should the repeat setting be set to more than one chorus (in a song such as this one, it doesn’t make much difference, but better to be consistent in use), so I used section letters A and B
    - I made the endings better to see
    - Changed the Ab7 chord to G#7 because tonally and harmonically more correct.

    Yes It Is - Lennon-McCartney

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    I cleaned up the layout, differentiating sections correctly and setting section letters to regularly playing letters A, B, C, D (instead of using the V letter which gets played only once, should the repeat chorus setting be set to more than one repeat).

    I'll Be Back - Lennon-McCartney

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