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Thread: Sync sync and sync

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    Default Sync sync and sync

    Can this be done? I would like to update any changes to my chord changes and playlists. Is there an easy way to do this?
    thanks Jeff

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    Default Sync sync and sync

    Please make this a top priority.

    Paid in app feature is fine, and whatever price you want to set it at, but please just make it happen, soon!

    Other than the lack of sync this app is nigh on perfect and not exaggerating to say that it has changed my musical life!


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    Default Sync, Sync, and sync again

    Really, the top priority.
    For me, I realPro is for musicians, playing music, not wanting the perfect melody.
    Syncing, when you're playing with a group, is mandatory, every one knows what is the actual bar, knows the repeat, da segno and the final.
    I can imagine a sync using bluetooth, one is master, the others are slaves.
    I think that the accuracy of pad is enough to only trigger the start time, I am not looking for the 1/100 second accuracy, the drum or the bass leads the beat.
    So please add this feature, even if you increase 20% the price of the app !

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    I use my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard's left/right, up/down cursor keys to control the iOS AirTurn functions.
    My quartet shares a single iPad in performance.
    Bluetooth won't pair my keyboard with more than one iPad at the same time. (I just tried) (Drat!)
    I don't know if this is true for all Bluetooth devices (for instance, actual AirTurn controllers)


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    Everybody is asking for it, so I will too. Sync!!!

    Not sure how this would work necessarily. Maybe to dropbox? Itunes on different devices is a good example, but apple has the cloud and tons of servers to make this happen. The back-ups are small data files, so if everyone's forum account could also be their account for syncing, this should be pretty doable.

    What if you could only sync playlists? This way the playlist when it syncs, only adds songs, never deletes them from whatever device you are syncing too. So a key function/attribute of sync would be that it only syncs new data, never deletes old data. Then just add some functionality to the songlists on all devices so its easy to search out duplicate songs and only keep the most recent one (last edited).
    I understand that its possible to do this now with some dropbox manuevering;however the problem I am running into, is that when I open my playlists on different devices, I forget which one is up to date, and likewise with songs.


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    Sync, sync!!! This is a fantastic program, and syncing is the top feature that the program doesn't contain. I like to edit and write tunes on my laptop, my desktop, and be able to show them on my iPhone or on my iPad. I can't keep up with what I have on each platform, and when necessary, I have to email the playlist, then I end up duplicating things that I might already have had there. Argghh! Please add syncing soon.

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    Hello all. Just to add my voice to all those asking for some kind of sync option. I use iReal Pro (which is wonderful, by the way) on an iPhone and on an Android tablet - for various reasons. I really need some easy and quick way of mirroring changes between the two installations, since as everyone knows, there are tiny tweaks or changes to be made to the charts at almost every rehearsal/gig, and ideally these need to be applied to every instance of your personal database. If this could be done automatically that would be fantastic, but even if that's not possible (or not for a while) there are a couple of options which would make the manual undertaking of such housekeeping a lot easier. Forgive me if these already exist, and I just haven't found them - but I have looked!
    Firstly, what about some option to view - or even sort by - the last modification date of the chart? Often the problem is just trying to work out which is the most recent of two versions of the same chart - is there not some way we could check which was the most recently modified (or created)?
    Secondly, when importing _please_ can we have an option which asks whether we want to replace existing charts with the same name? Preferably individually, but if not as a batch. My song list is littered with "xxxx 1" titles, and it's quite time-consuming trying to clear them all out. When I'm importing a modified version of a chart from another device, I really want it to overwrite the unmodified version. If I want to keep both versions (which happens a lot less often), then I can change the title of one of the versions myself, to something that makes sense to me.
    OK. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can address these issues at some point.

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    Yes PLEASE make sync options a priority.... iCloud and/or Dropbox implementation, please!

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    Default Multi devices synchro

    I'd like to have my iphone and ipad titles synchronized via iCloud or any other system.

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    I'm sure you've figured out this requirement, but syncing is two fold, which could be elegantly blended into one. There is syncing between my devices (iOS and Mac), and then syncing between my band's devices (perhaps pooling/syncing).

    Take a look at BT Sync, they got this working really well. Not the world's finest UI/UX, but rock solid and very fast. Most importantly, no need for a server. Maybe they have an API or license their engine or something.

    In any case, it's the feature that's begging to be implemented.


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