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Thread: Get back saved songs from hard disk image

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    Question Get back saved songs from hard disk image


    I recently put a new hard disk in my macbook pro and reinstalled a whole new system with Mavericks. The first application I installed was iReal Pro but... I don't know how I can do to get back the songs I saved...

    I have an image of my old hard disk but I don't know where I can find the files of my songs to copy them and import them in my "new computer"...

    I found the file "UserSongs.plist" in /USER/Library/Application Support/iReal b/ but I don't know if I only have to copy it to get all songs back.

    Please advise me... :-)

    Many thanks in advance for your help !


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    Hello Trucmuche,
    Check out this thread:
    Let me know if it worked.


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